Missions Passion

Jesus commanded the disciples to go and make disciples.  He told them that they would be His witnesses “in Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.”

Local Missions

We are activley involved in reaching out directly to our community in evangelism efforts. The Water Street Disctrict offers many opportunities for evangelism teams to share the good news at events like the Super Run each year.

Regional Missions

As we reach out farther, we are supporting Calvary Downtown Outreach.  This is a ministry dedicated to reaching homeless men and women in downtown Las Vegas with the Gospel.  There is a meal offered every Saturday at noon followed by a church service in the gym of a local church.  Between 300 and 400 are fed and more than 100 stay for the service.  A number of people from the congregation volunteer.

We are currently supporting the Women’s Resource Center.  We encourage women from our body to work as counselors and the congregation supports a drive each year for the needs of young, pregnant moms.  This ministry saves the lives of babies each year through counseling for the mother, giving options other than abortion.  Beyond that, they reach out to the mothers with the Gospel.  They also provide sonograms free of charge.

International Missions


We also reach into the 10-40 window of Asia, particularly the country of India, supporting 21 Gospel for Asia missionaries as they train and plant churches on the subcontinent. See the work GFA does here.

It is our desire that Inductive Bible Study be taught to those who will evangelize and pastor so that they will be equipped to take God’s word to the Indian people.


We also support the Joshua Fund. This is a ministry started by Joel C. Rosenburg and provides for the poor in Israel. There needs are met in the name of Jesus. See their work here.