Well, yesterday was Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Here at Calvary Chapel of Henderson we use this day to reflect on the state of affairs in our land with regard to abortion.  And, as I indicated then, not much has changed for the good in the last year.  We are being overwhelmed by a society that has no moral anchor.  It caused me to ask the question that titles today’s blog.

Do we care?  I mean as a people?  We worry about if people are hungry or if they are homeless. We worry now about their social position and how we can adjust it.  We worry about how to keep people safe in a crazy world.  Many efforts are undertaken to try to care for people.  We seem to care.

But, a closer look seems to reveal an agenda.  We, so often, care only when it promotes something we want to see happen.   This is what I think differentiates pro-life people from others in the realm of caring.  We care for all life.  The color of the mother matters not.  Her social status, or income makes no difference.  It is about that life.  We care about life.  Because each of those babies are created in the image of God and He has knit them together in the womb for His own divine purpose, and whether they are terminated through an abortion by a man’s hand or by birth control pills does not matter.

This reveals why we care.  What the deep motivation is.  Motivated by God’s love for man.  Motivated by the knowledge that there is a purpose.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…”   We believe this. For every life.  Purpose in even the bad things that can happen in this life like a rape and a child as a result. God didn’t cause that, but, because He is Sovereign, he can use it.  It can have purpose.

Caring without an agenda.  It is what we need today.  And it will only truly be accomplished by having the love of God in us and moving through us and knowing there is a purpose for each life.  Lord, help us to see life as You do and to love as You do!