Here we are again!  Another disaster in the US.  With all the bombings, floods, fires, super-storms and shootings one has to ask, “What in the world is going on?”  And it is a fair question.  The Westborough crazies claim it is the wrath of God against homosexuality among other things.  The Muslim Brotherhood claims that it is deserved (the implication is that it too is the act of God, I think) because of our actions around the world.

In the first case, is God judging America for homosexuality?  Why homosexuality?  Why is this the defining sin?  What about the years of pornography that we have shipped all over the world via print and the internet?  Is God OK with that?  There are plenty of American national sins to go around it seems to me, especially the murder of millions of innocent children through abortion!  Why would God wait for homosexuality?  And what about all the other wicked nations on the planet?  No, I don’t believe God is judging America for homosexuality.

As to the Muslim Brotherhood, they basically agree with the Westborough bunch.  Need I say more?

So, what is happening?  Consider the position of America in history.  A nation founded on judeo-christian principles.  Consecrated to God for His use at the inception or our government.  A nation that sent many missionaries to the field to tell others the good news of Jesus Christ and His love.  When a nation places itself willingly under the Lord it reaps certain blessings.  One of them is protection.

Now, lest someone claim I believe that America is in the place of Israel today, be assured I do not.  Rather, I take a principle approach to the Old Testament.  A nation that follows the Lord will have the attendant blessings of doing so, because God is consistent in how He deals with us.

This brings us again to the question, “What is happening?”  The answer is simple, I believe.  In the last election the two party positions could not have been clearer.  The Democratic platform was as liberal as ever and the Republican platform was more conservative than it has ever been.  (This is not an endorsement of either platform, I no longer belong to neither party.)  My point is, that the choice America was given could not have been clearer.  And America chose the liberal position.  A position that is, in many, many ways forthrightly against what the bible teaches and what we believe.  It is important to note here that I know many people who call themselves Christians who voted for these positions as well!

This, I believe, is why we are seeing the things that are happening today.  America has rejected God at the polls.  He is being removed on an ever-increasing scale from the public view.  His word is roundly rejected.  What will His response be?  If you reject God, how can you reasonably expect Him to help and protect you?  You cannot.  His hand of protection is being removed, an action that we see in His dealing with Israel in the bible.

The only solution to the increasing turmoil is a return to God, first by His people and then by this nation.  May God have mercy on us and on those who have lost loved ones or been injured in Boston. We pray for their comfort.  Evil is having its day because we have rejected the One who can protect us from it.